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Gamegeek is a gaming lifestyle brand that utilizes and focuses on social media platforms in providing the gaming community the latest events, news, tournaments, technology and upcoming trends in the esports industry.

It was originally a Thai start-up gaming media company established in early 2017 as a pilot project. Due to its success in Thailand, Gamegeek has branched out to include an english version with a team of dedicated gaming enthusiasts from all over the world.

Our Team



Short Info

Larcey is a multi-tasker who owes her ability to juggle her professional and personal life to MMORPGS. She is into music, movies and food — who isn’t?


Events Coordinator

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Gaming has always been a form of escapism for this overstimulated mess.  Loyal to Dota 2, but still enjoys nostalgic ones such as Ragnarok Online or Starcraft 2. Besides gaming, gastronomy and traveling are what keeps this weirdo busy.

Facta, non verba


SEO Content Editor

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Apple juice dependent life-form. Dina is a proud Aquarian who believes in extraterrestrials and unicorns. She’s a fan of RPG games and aims to showcase Middle Eastern Esports scene.

Wonder Woman

Public Relations

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She goes by her name Lara in all her games – including the most thrilling one called Life. In the past, Lara has been a full-time gamer while being a Marketing Supervisor, Ground Attendant, Culinarian or Wonder Woman on the side. She is dreaming of increasing her Level 7 Cooking and Knife Skills when she isn’t busy saving the world.


Graphic Designer

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A gamer since the Gameboy Color and PS1 era. Also sidelines as an all-around member of a band and a faithful follower of the meme gods.


Senior Writer

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Jigo loves writing, although his handwriting says otherwise, His passion for the industry makes up for it. A Mixed martial artist, Biker, Basketball Player, and a Hardcore gamer who is terrified of frogs.


Media Event Coverage (PH)

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Gamer since he was 4 years old but more of a console guy. He started playing from 4th Gen of consoles up to present (Genesis, SNES, Atari, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, PS2, Game Cube, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4). Dota 2 Offlaner. Magician on the side.


Senior Writer

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Rudraaksh is a dentist by qualification but a gamer by heart. He has written in the past for adventure sports website and volunteered for a Germany based Newsletter. Currently trying to make his way into eSports. Believes communism will win XD


Junior Writer

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Gamer since the early 90’s. Likes both League of Legends and Dota 2 but is bad at FPS games! Former Pet of The Day/Week Manager for Daily eSports. Kat is GameGeek’s resident crazy cat lady.


Brand Influencer

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GameGeek’s influencer, Jelm, is also known as Mumei in the cosplay community. Anime and games are tattooed on her heart, which molded her into the person she is now.


Junior Video Editor

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Started playing electronic games since the Nokia 3310 era. Playing games taught him to find his own ways to win this hard level of life. Kiel is a 3rd year Electronics Engineering student who hopes that games will still be his friend until he defeats the last proverbial boss in his career.


Brand Ambassadress

Short Info

She knows she has always been a casual gamer deep inside, ever since the early 2000s. This fact is about to change. Upon joining GameGeek and being exposed to game development, gaming is slowly becoming not just a pasttime but a lifestyle instead. Indeed, She is now a GameGeek.


Graphics Editor

Short Info

Has been working for esports unconditionally, contributing all his efforts to the community. He aims to give the general population a platform to understand the true meaning and purpose of esports.


Senior Video Editor

Short Info

Sinisha is a Graduated IT Engineer, Dota 2 addict and real FC Barcelona fan. Playing futsal is his passion, and he likes to listen to House music while working.


Video Producer

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He started as a pro gamer but ended up organizing game events in his early age of 18. Now he is also a content creator and streamer.


Senior Content Creator

Short Info

Can beat arcade games with a single token at 10 years old. Once a hardcore MMORPG player,  now turned into an archon ranked master race Dota 2 player.


Writer / Graphic Artist

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Plays almost anything he gets his hands on – and sometimes runs into trouble because of it. bobrossOPKnife is the best Twitch emote for him.


Social Media Manager

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I have been playing playing video games for about 8 years now. I’ve always been competitive which is why I stuck with the main game I play to this day, DotA 2. I’ve never limited my self to laying just one game and genre to me all games have such a unique aspect to them that I just cant get enough of. Esports is in my blood.


Discord Community Manager

Short Info

Mmmzie started being a competitive player when he was 9 years old, not only in computer games but also in basketball. He was a varsity player way back in his highschool days.  Currently, he is getting his degree on Information Technology, Majoring in Digital Arts. He is more of an FPS player. He is described as a friendly and approachable person, motivating other people to achieve their goals and objectives in life. Mmmzie is a positive thinker.